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  • The Dragon's Appraiser: Part One


  • The Dragon's Appraiser: Part Two


  • The Dragon's Appraiser: Part Three


  • Claimed by the Alphas: Part One

    Part One

  • Claimed by the Alphas: Part Two

    Part Two

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  • Bound to the Alpha: Part 2

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  • Bound to the Alpha: Complete Edition

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Editing, Pricing, & Mailing List Perks

Parts 1 & 2 have now been edited, huzzah! No more misplaced (or missing) words, and 90% fewer awkward sentences. I was actually surprised at how few edits needed to be done, but the edits that were needed were pretty glaring. Ye-ouch.

As I’m sure many of you noticed, Part Two has been reduced to 0.99¢. It’s not because it isn’t selling; it’s selling beyond my wildest expectations. That being said, the general consensus is that readers are unhappy with the price at $2.99 for a fifty page story. It pains me to take the loss on something that’s … Read the rest »

Release Date 2/28/2014


Barnes & Noble

Thanks for the support, and I really hope you enjoy!

-Viola… Read the rest »


My thanks goes out to everyone who purchased Claimed by the Alphas at 0.99¢. As of last night, I had cracked the top 10,000 in the paid Kindle store, which is so huge for a first-time author, so THANK YOU!

It’s only free in the US, I’m still working on the others now. If you purchased in the UK, CA, DE, or anywhere it wasn’t free, don’t feel bad about refunding and picking up a free copy here. If that doesn’t work for you, just email me at email hidden; JavaScript is required /* */ , I’ll get you … Read the rest »

Claimed by the Alphas ~ Part Two

During the long days of the first week, before I learned to slumber in the light, I laid awake, listening to the sounds of the pack as they dozed. Loneliness was a vise around my soul and Isolation was my bedfellow. Invariably, I wept myself to sleep just past noontime.

In my dreams I was always lost, not merely in the cordilleras, but in the shallow existence of my human life. I would rally against the darkness, returning to the world as I did in birth—naked and wailing.

Je suis perdue! I am lost!

And invariably, he was there, waiting Read the rest »

Claimed by the Alphas ~ Part One

I quickly learned that as an alpha, he was afforded many luxuries in the pack. He had the choicest bits of flesh in the hunt, he had his pick of any female he desired, and when it came time to breed, he alone would be allowed the coveted privilege of claiming a mate. 

One indulgence he was not permitted was weakness. He had to remain resolute in all things, and could never show fear, nor doubt. It was once I realized this that I began to learn how to love him. For this formidable, unshakable beast, there could be no Read the rest »

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This series is great! Romance, sex, shifters, all of my favorite subjects! Added to that is the fact that it’s FREE on Kindle Unlimited!! Whoooohooooo!