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  • The Dragon's Appraiser: Part One


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  • The Dragon's Appraiser: Part Three


  • Claimed by the Alphas: Part One

    Part One

  • Claimed by the Alphas: Part Two

    Part Two

  • Claimed by the Alphas: Part Three

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  • Bound to the Alpha: Complete Edition

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Choices Excerpt

Choices is off to the proofreader now and the excerpt has been taken down in preparation for launch. See you all on the 25th! (Unless you’re on the ARC Team ; )… Read the rest »


I just wanted to thank everyone again for the reviews on Honesty! Keep ’em coming and don’t forget to forward your review to Kira at email hidden; JavaScript is required /* */ for a free review copy of Choices on the 22nd.

I have a huge backlog of comments and emails right now. I’m very, very sorry and I’ll get to them as soon as I can. I’ve going to be doing a bunch of multi-author collaborations with some of your other favorite Paranormal Romance authors over the next few months. I’m very excited, but organizing these in between … Read the rest »

Honesty Pre-Orders & New Claimed Cover

I’m going to be having a (very minor) surgery on the 9th, so I’ve set up pre-orders for Honesty, that way I can do all of the launch stuff today. Click Here!


Claimed is getting a makeover later this month. I’ll also be including Mated to the Alphas in the bundle as Part Seven. These changes are going to effect because (drumroll!) Claimed is getting produced into a print book AND an audiobook in October. Audible credits and autographed copies will be given away to members of my ARC team, so if you’re not on the list yet, … Read the rest »

ARCs | Advance Reading Copies

So in the past I’ve tried to do organized ARC lists. Unfortunately, it proved to be far too much for me to handle on my own so I scrapped the official list for a few months and and have been doing a very sloppy, confetti-esque giveaway a few days before launch.

Well, now that I have a full-time assistant, the lovely Ms. Kira Coyne, I can once again do an official ARC list! Kira’s going to be handling 100% of anything ARC related, so if you’d like to receive free copies of my books in exchange for honest reviews, here’s … Read the rest »

A brief interruption of service

Part Two of Bound is coming out tomorrow for those on the mailing list. For the first week, it will be unavailable through Apple, as I am doing a big overhaul of all my titles there. I’m going to be reformatting everything so it reads a lot better, as well as applying my recent proofs to each title. During this intermission, there may be a brief delay in titles with Barnes and Noble as well, though I don’t think it will impact the new release. This should take me a couple days, then I’ll get crackin’ on that Claimed sequel. … Read the rest »

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These stories have captured the depth of personal emotion while having action, erotic moments, and solid world building. I can get lost in them easily. Here’s to more of the Alpha stories.

— Obsessive Glider, Bound to the Alpha