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Claimed by the Alphas

Claimed by the Alphas: Part One

An International Bestseller
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For Mila Foster, the idea of becoming an alpha wolf’s mate is so tantalizing that she is willing to leave her human life behind to join the Lazarus pack. Their alpha, the handsome and sensual Asch, is more than she could have ever hoped for, and Mila is beyond ready to surrender herself to him—until she finds out that the Lazarus pack has a second alpha, the dominant and primitive Caim.

Caim’s wolf lurks very close to the surface. He likes the lean and taut females of his own kind, women who can handle the aggressive mating he enjoys. He has no interest in Mila, that is, until he gets his hands on her lush curves.

Note: This is the first book in a Werewolf BBW serial, approx. 50 pages each. It is not a standalone.


Claimed by the Alphas: Part Two

After a heated confrontation between the two alphas, Mila realizes that teaching them to share her is a pretty lofty goal. As she begins to have major doubts about her place in their world, it’s up to Asch to show her why she is just the woman his pack needs.

Caim never wanted to like Mila, but now that he’s had her, he wants her all to himself. But after a hard lesson, he has to face the fact that he may not be able to give the human everything she needs on his own.

Can the pair of dominant alphas really share Mila? And if so, is she ready to take them both on?


Claimed by the Alphas: Part Three

Asch and Caim may have agreed to share, but neither alpha seems to want to play nice. Between Asch’s sudden possessiveness and Caim’s ever-growing list of obnoxious stipulations to their arrangement, Mila is at her wit’s end.

With the mating thrall just days away and neither alpha making any concessions, Mila has to figure out what both males really want, and how to give it to them.


Claimed by the Alphas: Part Four

With the thrall drawing near, both alphas are eager to show their mate why they deserve to stake the ultimate claim on her body. From foot massages to boar carcasses, each male seems to have his own idea of how to impress her.

No matter how beguiling the alphas are, Mila still isn’t sure how she feels about procreating with them. But regardless of her feelings on motherhood, she soon finds out that she is just as much a slave to the thrall as her mates.

Claimed by the Alphas: Part Five

Making up isn’t easy, but with two weeks alone and the days growing colder, Mila and Caim aren’t about to sleep apart. Alone time with Caim is better than she could have anticipated, but emotions are running high between her and his ‘favorites’.

Caim enacts his vengeance on the cat that accosted his mate, inadvertently jeopardizing the welfare of his pack.

Claimed by the Alphas: Part Six

Caim insists on moving the pack farther north, but Asch isn’t about to drag his pregnant mate through the frigid winter mountains. Mila gets a brief taste of civilization as she, Asch, and Brae hit the road, traveling upstate by car.

Their lives settle into a nice routine at the new den. But as her pregnancy progresses, Mila must deal with the fact that she has two mates, but is only having one pup.

Claimed by the Alphas: Part Seven

Between dealing with new pack members, raising a werewolf pup, and trying to ensure that her obnoxious mate doesn’t turn said pup into a sociopath, Mila has her hands full. The last thing she wants is to deal with another mating thrall. While both of her mates are on their best behavior, she can’t help but suspect they’re plotting against her.

Merging two packs is never easy, but while the diplomatic Asch should be focused on keeping the peace, all he can think about is how he’s going to keep Caim the hell away from his mate when the thrall begins.

Previously released as Mated to the Alphas.

Claimed by the Alphas: Complete Edition

A Paranormal Romance #1 Bestseller

A curvy young woman sets out into the wilderness to become the mate of an alpha werewolf. Trouble is, her new pack has two alphas. Both males are very different, but they each have one thing in common: they’re each determined to sire her children!

Enjoy the complete Claimed by the Alphas story, no cliffhangers!



Claimed By The Alphas AudioNow also available as audiobook!
Narrated by: Michael O’Shea
Length: 10 hrs and 58 mins
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Christmas with the Alphas
Claimed by the Alphas, Bonus Story

Catch up with Mila, Asch, Caim, and their growing family in this Christmas novella…

For a year, Caim held bragging rights for being the first alpha to sire a pup, but all that changes when his mate becomes pregnant with Asch’s twins. With the balance of power subtly shifting in Asch’s favor, it’s up to Mila to bring her sulking, oaf-of-a-mate out of his funk. One way or another, she’s determined to remind Caim that he’s still every bit the dominant, virile wolf she fell in love with.

Note: Christmas With the Alphas is a short novella, approximately 8,000 words. It is not a standalone and must read after the Claimed by the Alphas serial/bundle!

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Exciting, captivating, toe curling book. Lovable characters. (…) Ms. Rivard does a wonderful job at holding the readers attention.

— Curls, Bound to the Alpha