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The Fox and the Dragon
Fall 2015

All she’s ever wanted is to live a mortal life…

The daughter of a fox goddess and a world-famous hunter, Lehrys seemed destined for greatness. Much to everyone’s disappointment, her magical powers amount to little more than parlour tricks and she’s more handy with a needle and thread than a bow and arrow.

All he’s ever wanted are the things that others value…

A legendary dragon and self-confessed Most-Powerful-Being-on-the-Planet, Kael ventures into the human realms once a millennia. Unlike his gold-hoarding kin, conventional treasures don’t appeal to Kael. He’s only looking for very specific items to add to his hoard—items that powerful beings would give anything to reclaim.

When their paths cross…

The last thing Lehrys wants to do is go on an adventure, but she agrees to escort the arrogant, insufferable, and unbearably handsome dragon across three continents—so long as he takes her immortality. Kael only wants to steal the most prized possessions of a king, an emperor, and a god. What could possibly go wrong?

Also Coming Soon:

These are all projected release dates, subject to change. I’m currently growing a little person inside of me and the unexpected happens every day!

Red Fever + Once Bitten + Feral Heat

Three erotic paranormal twists on the classic fairy tales, Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, and Snow White. These short and steamy stories are standalone, cliffhanger-free, and of course, HEA.

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This new series, like the others is packed full of action, suspense, romance , funny sarcastic wit and to die for steamy, sometimes animalistic sex scenes.