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Ta-dah: Claimed Sequel Blurb

I’m in the process of adding this to the back matter of the bundle and Part Six, but it occurred to me that anyone who purchased the older versions probably hasn’t seen it yet.


Mated to the Alphas

Between dealing with new pack members, raising a werewolf pup, and trying to ensure that her obnoxious mate doesn’t turn said pup into a sociopath, Mila has her hands full. The last thing she wants is to deal with another mating thrall. While both of her mates are on their best behavior, she can’t help but suspect they’re plotting against her.… Read the rest »

Quick Update!

I’m finishing up the first entry of Bound right now. It’s looking like it’ll be just under 20,000 words. I don’t wanna go back and pad it with unnecessary fluff, so it’ll probably clock in at 19.5k. I’m going to read through it tomorrow, then it’s getting reviewed by a proofreader, and then *drumroll* a second proofreader!!! I’m in the major leagues now! All in all, I’m very happy with where this story is going, and I think most of you are really going to enjoy it as well. I’m going to make an effort to tighten up the next … Read the rest »


ARC signup is closed for now. My thanks to those who signed up!… Read the rest »

Claimed: Part Six – Available Now!

Many young and fanciful women speak of love at first sight, but it was simply not that way for me. From the moment I laid eyes on him, all I knew was that he would be nothing but trouble for me.
It was at least a day—when we were finally alone—that I dared to press my lips to him for the first time. It was then that I began to fall in love with my son.
Marie du Luponte, 1931
An excerpt from Wolves of the Cordilleras,, iTunes, Barnes


 … Read the rest »

After The End

I can’t believe that Claimed is finally coming to an end. Part Six will be the final installment and probably novella in length, so I’m going to have a very aggressive writing schedule over the next two weeks to ensure it is released on time. I’m confident it will be a satisfying conclusion, but also bittersweet, as I, and I hope many readers, have grown very attached to the characters. I could honestly come up with several more novelettes of Mila, Asch, and Caim, but I’d hate to drag it out unnecessarily when I can give readers solid closure and … Read the rest »

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