Viola Rivard
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Claimed by the Alphas: Part Seven

Between dealing with new pack members, raising a werewolf pup, and trying to ensure that her obnoxious mate doesn’t turn said pup into a sociopath, Mila has her hands full. The last thing she wants is to deal with another mating thrall. While both of her mates are on their best behavior, she can’t help but suspect they’re plotting against her.

Merging two packs is never easy, but while the diplomatic Asch should be focused on keeping the peace, all he can think about is how he’s going to keep Caim the hell away from his mate when the thrall begins.

Previously released as Mated to the Alphas.

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These stories have captured the depth of personal emotion while having action, erotic moments, and solid world building. I can get lost in them easily. Here’s to more of the Alpha stories.

— Obsessive Glider, Bound to the Alpha