Viola Rivard
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Claimed by the Alphas: Complete Edition

A Paranormal Romance #1 Bestseller

A curvy young woman sets out into the wilderness to become the mate of an alpha werewolf. Trouble is, her new pack has two alphas. Both males are very different, but they each have one thing in common: they’re each determined to sire her children!

Enjoy the complete Claimed by the Alphas story, no cliffhangers!



Claimed By The Alphas AudioNow also available as audiobook!
Narrated by: Michael O’Shea
Length: 10 hrs and 58 mins
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Rivard has once again exhibited her exceptional talent and skill by taking you on another wonderful and exciting journey, one so intense, that it leaves you breathless. One hell of a great ride!

— Jil Swainsboro, Claimed by the Alphas