Viola Rivard
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Christmas with the Alphas
Claimed by the Alphas, Bonus Story

Catch up with Mila, Asch, Caim, and their growing family in this Christmas novella…

For a year, Caim held bragging rights for being the first alpha to sire a pup, but all that changes when his mate becomes pregnant with Asch’s twins. With the balance of power subtly shifting in Asch’s favor, it’s up to Mila to bring her sulking, oaf-of-a-mate out of his funk. One way or another, she’s determined to remind Caim that he’s still every bit the dominant, virile wolf she fell in love with.

Note: Christmas With the Alphas is a short novella, approximately 8,000 words. It is not a standalone and must read after the Claimed by the Alphas serial/bundle!

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These stories have captured the depth of personal emotion while having action, erotic moments, and solid world building. I can get lost in them easily. Here’s to more of the Alpha stories.

— Obsessive Glider, Bound to the Alpha