Viola Rivard
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Bound to the Alpha: Part 2

After a mountain adventure, followed by several nights of mind-blowing passion, Sarah isn’t keen on ending things with Cain, which is what she’ll have to do when they arrive back at his den—or so she thinks.

While Sarah is fretting over falling for a werewolf, Cain is struggling with how to explain to his new mate that she’s stuck with him and his pack—at least until she has his pup.

Note: Bound to the Alpha: Part Two is a novella. It is the second entry in the three-part Bound serial, and is not intended to be read as a standalone story. This novella is for ages 18+ and should not be read by readers uncomfortable with sexual scenarios.

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Exciting, captivating, toe curling book. Lovable characters. (…) Ms. Rivard does a wonderful job at holding the readers attention.

— Curls, Bound to the Alpha