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Bound to the Alpha: Part 3
Bound to the Alpha, Part Three

The Conclusion to the Bestselling Bound Serial…

Sarah may love kids, but she’s not ready to be a mother—especially when she’s sure Cain got her pregnant intentionally. While the mystery surrounding Snow’s parentage provides a welcome distraction, it’s only a matter of time before Cain returns, and Sarah is geared up for a confrontation.

But Cain’s dishonesty isn’t the biggest threat to their future, and Sarah will have to gather all of her strength and courage to face what happens next.

Note: Bound to the Alpha: Part Three is a novella. It is the final entry in the three-part Bound serial, chronicling Sarah Harper’s journey as she inadvertently becomes part of a werewolf pack. It is not a standalone story. This story is for ages 18+ and is not intended for readers uncomfortable with sexual scenarios.

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These stories have captured the depth of personal emotion while having action, erotic moments, and solid world building. I can get lost in them easily. Here’s to more of the Alpha stories.

— Obsessive Glider, Bound to the Alpha