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Running with Alphas: Mates

With Alder gone, Hale makes a confession that threatens the balance of their relationship. Can Taylor find her happily ever after with the two alpha brothers, or will she be forced to choose between them once and for all?

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To avoid being left for dead in an icy wasteland, Astrid Castillo surrenders herself to the local werewolf pack and its alpha, who is as tantalizing as he is terrifying.

In a time when shifters are facing extinction, Erik is alpha to the largest wolf pack in the arctic. As harsh and unforgiving as the tundra, he is accustomed to wielding control over everything.

Astrid is no exception.


Enslaved by the Alpha is a full novel comprised of the Enslaved by the Alpha serial. It is also the first book in the Shifters of Nunavut novel series.

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Running with Alphas
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Claimed by the Alphas
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Bound to the Alpha
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Bound to the Alpha: Complete Edition
Box Set

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BBW Fairy Tale Shorts
Red Fever
Book 1

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Grizzly's Bear Bride

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This book will leave you reeling and wanting more. Encore.

— Ouida Stokes, Bound to the Alpha