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Bound to the Alpha: The Bundle

Chapter One

January, 1995

Even without her glasses, Sarah knew that she was staring at a werewolf. Rather than being afraid, numbness settled over her body, freezing her in place. It was an odd reaction, yet she wasn’t entirely surprised. She had spent the past twenty-four hours in utter terror that she would be killed by a wild creature, and there was a strange comfort in seeing her worst fear standing before her.

The wolf watched her from the other side of the creek. Its posture was lax, but Sarah knew that it could clear the stream in an instant. She would probably be dead before she could scream—not that there was anyone around to hear her.

After regarding her for what was quite possibly the longest moment of her life, the wolf knelt down and began to drink from the stream. The rhythmic sound of its tongue lapping at the water further served to calm her. Each second that it drank was another second that it was seemingly uninterested in eating her.

As the initial shock began to wear off, Sarah’s nerve endings started to prickle with renewed awareness. She remembered the pounding headache, the blistering cold, and the … Read the rest »

Claimed By The Alphas

Chapter One

The doe treaded on damp earth, stopping to chew at a patch of decaying briars. Caim watched from behind the trees, amber eyes blazing. The doe did not hear the soft rustle of fabric as he began to unbutton his shirt, preparing for the shift that would allow him to release his pent-up anger and frustration into his prey’s flesh.

He could be quick. Tonight, he would not play with his food, would not let it run before recapturing it between his powerful jaws. There was no time for that. He would be quick, and he would be done before anyone noticed he was gone.

He let his shirt fall to the forest floor. He would ambush the wayward prey. He would sink his teeth deep until he felt the satisfying crunch of bone and tasted the delicious gush of blood as it flowed over his tongue and down his throat.

The sound of footsteps made him freeze as he was unfastening his pants. He recognized the smell of Asch. A low growl tore from his chest.

Picking up on the sound, the doe went rigid. Then, she was gone, bounding off into dark foliage. His wolf fought … Read the rest »

RwA: Trust

Chapter One

August, 2005

Men who looked like him weren’t supposed to exist, not in real life anyway. They were supposed to live in movies, magazine centerfolds, and Photoshopped pics on the web. Where women like Taylor could drool over them on their lunch breaks or in between trains on the daily commute. There was a certain comfort in knowing that men like him didn’t actually exist, though most women didn’t realize it.

He pulled up to the gas station in a white pickup truck. It was covered in a clay-like mud, compliments of the unpaved North Carolinian back roads and a summer rainstorm. Taylor watched from inside as he got out to survey the state of his vehicle.

She studied him, trying to find some obscure flaw somewhere between the strong cut of his jaw, his broad chest, and his long legs. A leather jacket was draped over one muscular arm while his free hand combed absently through shoulder-length dirty blond hair. She had never been into blonds, but this man was an exception in every sense of the word.

“Shit or get off the pot.”

Taylor’s palm fisted, but she quickly reined in her annoyance as she turned … Read the rest »

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I’m in love love love, Viola Rivard has captured my heart with this book.

— Yvonne Daniels, Bound to the Alpha