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Shifters of Nunavut Novels


Over the next few weeks, I’ll be culling all of the individual serial parts and leaving up only the bundle formats. The Shifters of Nunavut series is getting some special treatment, as I’ll be taking down the Enslaved by the Alpha serial and reworking it into a novel format. What that means in this case is that I’ll be cutting out nonessential scenes (ex. story recaps, gratuitous sex) and adding in a few new scenes, particularly ones that help to tie the story in with Capturing the Alpha, which will now be Book #1 in the series. In the past, I’ve always jumped around timelines with each new story, but this time I wanted to make everything flow together nicely, so it makes sense for Enslaved to be Book #2.

I don’t expect anyone who purchased the Enslaved serial to feel like they have to get the novel as well. As it stands, I have one additional chapter planned at the end, and I will be giving away that, and any chapter that I heavily revise, for free on my mailing list. The revised edition of Enslaved by the Alpha will be released in early February.

The next book is Chasing the Alpha. The pairing is a minor spoiler so I won’t post it, but you can read the summary at the end of Capturing the Alpha. Chasing the Alpha will take place immediately before the ending of Enslaved by the Alpha, as well as afterwards when the two packs converge, so it will not only be an awesome (and emotional) romance story, but also a chance to spend more time with Zane, Ginnifer, Erik, and Astrid. This will be released in late February, but I’ll post the first chapter some time next week.

After that, I have plans for at least three more books, each of them with a rather unique pairings and storylines. Best of all, they’re all going to be full novels!

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