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A brief interruption of service

Part Two of Bound is coming out tomorrow for those on the mailing list. For the first week, it will be unavailable through Apple, as I am doing a big overhaul of all my titles there. I’m going to be reformatting everything so it reads a lot better, as well as applying my recent proofs to each title. During this intermission, there may be a brief delay in titles with Barnes and Noble as well, though I don’t think it will impact the new release. This should take me a couple days, then I’ll get crackin’ on that Claimed sequel. See you folks tomorrow morning!

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Rivard has once again exhibited her exceptional talent and skill by taking you on another wonderful and exciting journey, one so intense, that it leaves you breathless. One hell of a great ride!

— Jil Swainsboro, Claimed by the Alphas